Why Roadex

With strong technical back ground Roadex is run by professional of paint industry who believe in applying latest technology in the world to compete in the global market since its operation from 2009 Roadex Paint had been applied on most of the major Road Projects of Pakistan and has become the first choice for Highway Authorities and Road Contractor due to superior results of yearly performance an ... Read More »

News Alerts

  • Chlorinated Rubber Marking has been successfully completed at Motorway-2.

  • EHC has successfully completed road marking project with Roadex Thermoplastic Paint at KPRP Project Sargodha/Rawalpindi division.

  • Anti Skid Coating application at Bahria town Rawalpindi has been successfully completed.

  • Chlorinated Rubber Paint Application at Bahria Town Rawalpindi is in progress.

  • Roadex Chlorinated Rubber Paint work is in progress at Quetta-Mastung Project.

  • Roadex Thermoplastic Paint Project completed at Islamabad Expressway-Signal Free Corridor.

  • EHC has Successfully completed Thermoplastic Road Marking Project with Roadex paint in the area of 350 Km long.

  • Roadex Thermoplastic Paint Project completed at KKH (Khunjrab to Railkot Economic Corridor Package-I).

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Anti Skid Coating at Bahria Town
Islamabad Expressway
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