About Us

The road network and traffic density in Pakistan is increasing on a phenomenal rate which require a demand for superior quality all weather road marking products. In  year  2009 with German technical assistance  a range of highway safety paint was introduce under the brand name of ROADEX in Pakistan.
Roadex was initially using the imported product but in year 2010 local production was started, since then Roadex Paint is considered to be the ultimate solution for all weather system in Paki- stan.
In 2011 the production was designed on Zero pollution policy by using self consumable PE packaging with no wastage during melting process and green environment certificate was achieved.
In 2013 Roadex Paint has installed world latest production facility for Thermoplastic Paint with production capacity of 20 MT/Day which gives Roadex an edge to achieve any production target.
In year 2014 the Roadex paint has achieved a landmark by producing 450 MT thermoplastic paint in 25 days for KKH project against the deadline of 30 days by CRBC (China Road And Bridge Corporation) of China by competing with Chinese producers.
All the products of Roadex brand are produced on stringent quality parameters and tested by an independent lab  along with a in-house testing facility .
With strong technical back ground Roadex is run by professional of paint industry who believe in applying latest technology in the world to compete in the global market since its operation from 2009 Roadex Paint had been applied on most of the major Road Projects of Pakistan and has become the first choice for Highway Authorities and Road Contractors due to superior results of six years performance and all weather system.